Dragonflight’s New Renown System in World of Warcraft Appears to be a Superb Replacement for Reputation

The brand-new Renown system from Shadowlands will replace the reputation system in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and that is a positive move.

With Shadowlands, Blizzard introduced a new endgame advancement system known as Renown to World of Warcraft, and it appears like the company plans to further develop the concept in Dragonflight. In the past, the Renown system was connected to the four Covenants of Shadowlands and resulted in cosmetic unlocks, player power enhancements, and new story chapters. This was in addition to the traditional reputation system that World of Warcraft has employed from its inception, but Dragonflight is completely altering it.

The traditional reputation system in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be replaced by a brand-new Renown system. On the Dragon Isles, each faction will have a Renown tab with goodies for players to gather. As they explore the new zones, they will probably spend a lot of time grinding out these new Renown levels, but it sounds like it will be worthwhile. The new Renown system is a wonderful upgrade to an outdated system, even though it still has some similarities to the previous reputation system.

Explaining World of Warcraft’s Old Reputation System

Players used to have to spend a lot of time building up faction reputation before World of Warcraft: Dragonflight in order to gain access to new items. On Azeroth, almost every side had its own reputation, and maintaining one could be a very time-consuming chore. It would take a lot of time for players to complete brief daily tasks, gather certain resources, fight the same foes again, or roam the map while wearing that faction’s tabard. Between dungeon or raid runs, it was the main focus of max-level players, and Blizzard hasn’t really done much to make it more interesting.

The player would gradually fill up the reputation bar as they fulfilled tasks for that faction, and it would move through several stages before reaching the exalted reputation level. Players had to grind out more reputation points for each level, and most factions had five levels to complete. Although certain factions also had a bad reputation, this trait was typically reserved for opposing factions or a small number of unique factions, such as the Brood of Nozdormu.

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The World Quest feature that Legion introduced has been heavily focused on the reputation grind in recent expansions. Players could now accomplish a variety of tasks in the new zones for a variety of goodies and reputation points. They may also conduct emissary tasks, which required them to finish a series of global quests related to a certain faction in exchange for a loot chest and a reputation increase. Once they reached exalted, players may continue gaining reputation for those factions through the Paragon bar, and when they did, they would receive another faction-specific chest.

A New Breath of Fresh Air Is The New Renown System

Players would frequently wait until they reached exalted before receiving rewards under the previous reputation system, which required some grinding. Through the Renown system, Shadowlands featured a different kind of reputation grind that awarded players rewards at 80 levels. While the new reputation system provided players with a more simplified growth path for their Covenant of choice, the previous reputation system was remained in place. However, the function had two significant drawbacks: it could not be indefinitely grinded, and it was highly dependent on player strength.

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The Renown and reputation systems will be combined in World of Warcraft Dragonflight to create a brand-new system for players to advance through. Instead of reputation bars, each side in the Dragon Isles will have a Renown bar, and as players advance, there will be a tonne of stuff to collect for each group. This approach, in contrast to Shadowlands’ Renown system, will enable ongoing Renown farming through a variety of endeavours. Before the Renown level rises, players must amass a particular quantity of reputation, and they will feel immediately accomplished when the new level unlocks new things.

The effectiveness of this new Renown system will depend on the things that Blizzard makes available through it, most of which appear to be decorative in nature. The fact that many of these cosmetic unlocks in Dragonflight will be account-wide makes it even better because players who use numerous characters won’t feel the need to grind for them repeatedly. This seems like a logical evolution of one of Shadowlands’ key features, and we can only hope that it performs as well as it does in theory.

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