Only if you kill at least 96 people in GTA V can you finish the game.

There is no killing-free way to play, as evidenced by a YouTuber’s three-year pacifist campaign.

For three years, Matthew Judge, also known as the Twitch broadcaster and YouTuber DarkViperAU, has been developing his “pacifist run” of Grand Theft Auto V. While “pacifism” is typically associated with opposing all forms of violence, pacifist video game runs take a more Machiavellian stance on global peace: Killing is OK as long as it’s absolutely necessary to finish the game.

Judge meticulously finished his non-violent violent gameplay of one of the most heinously violent video games ever created under this liberal concept of pacifism. Now that the truth is out, even the most cowardly GTA V player understands that you need to kill at least 96 people in order to complete the game without using any cheats or mods.

That is still a large number of people. You object that those 96 people’s friends and families walk with a lobster glued to the seat of their pants. What about them? They will simply have to keep moving forward. 96 murders is holy work when compared to a Reddit user’s 2021 estimate that you must kill “at least 726 people” (Judge branded this Redditor a “idiot” in a 2021 video).

kill at least 96 people in GTA V

He mainly succeeded by expecting that NPCs and environmental factors—I regard the game’s numerous flying bullets and tank missiles as environmental factors—would find the appropriate homes. He crouched down to avoid upsetting the wrong characters, experimented painstakingly, and hid to avoid taking those bullets himself. Judge claims that at one point he spent “aeons” trying to figure out how to convince a murder-essential NPC to continually drive into the water until he sustained enough damage to perish.

He remarked, “I had no idea how many times I had to do it; in fifteen minutes, I had only managed to get them into the ocean twice.”

Even though 15 minutes may not seem like “aeons,” they do add up. In the end, Judge claims to have captured 1,000 hours of footage of pacifist runs. While his total of 96 shows that playing Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t always require you to be a cold-blooded killer, those 1,000 hours tell me you’d be better off attempting to pick up knitting or anything.

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