How to Create the Best Rain Team in Pokemon VGC

In Pokemon competitions, one of the most used weather modifications is rain. The finest Rain team construction for the Pokemon VGC is shown below.

Players can use the environment and the weather to their advantage in the Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC). Even while it has advantages and disadvantages, rain frequently occurs during competitive play, and the appropriate side can take use of it to raise the stakes.

Some athletes base their teams on the forecast. Teams having Rain-related techniques, kinds, or abilities are competitive Pokemon teams. Whether they are using a Rain team or not, players can gain from the changes Rain brings. Nevertheless, it pleasantly gives gamers additional options when selecting Pokemon for Pokemon VGC battles.

Prepare Defenses For Rain Teams

When It Rains, What Happens?

On-the-field weather variations have a game-changing impact on numbers and actions. The following are the main consequences of rain on a field:

The power of Water Type Moves is raised by 50%.
Power of Fire Type Moves is reduced by 50%.
A 50% power reduction is also observed in Solar Beam and Solar Blade.
Certain manoeuvres avoid accuracy checks.
The activation of particular Pokemon abilities

the Best Rain Team in Pokemon VGC

Setting Up Rain

In-game weather is determined by the surroundings, although it can also be altered by skills, objects, and moves. There are a few crucial strategies for making it rain in combat. The most popular way to initiate Rain in competitive play is with the power Drizzle. Rain can, however, also be produced with the move Rain Dance. Players that bring things into their competitive play can use a Damp Rock to extend the power of Rain Dance for 8 turns, whereas Drizzle and Rain Dance both activate Rain for 5 turns.

When Dynamax first appeared in Generation VIII, any Pokemon possessing a Water-Type move could learn the move Max Geyser. Rain is also activated for 5 turns by Max Geyser.

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Create A Core Rain Team

Rain teams are built on a solid Core. A Core is often a trio of Pokemon who serve as the team’s beating heart. They make excellent partners and complement one another well in many ways. Of course, there are some Water-Type Pokemon on Rain team Cores. For instance, in video games, Kyogre, Pelipper, and Politoed all have the skill Drizzle. Due to its extreme strength in both Attack and Defense, Kyogre is especially prevalent in the VGC Meta when it is permitted.

Gastrodon and Milotic are good team options for setting up Rain while playing other crucial roles in Rain Dance. However, this skill is not limited to Water-Types. Examples of Pokémon that can learn Rain Dance and benefit from the Rain are Electric-Type Zapdos and Steel/Psychic-Type Jirachi. The move Thunder, which typically has a poor success rate but can avoid accuracy checks in the Rain, is another option available to them.

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Due to the reduction in fire move potency that the Rain causes, it is possible to use Pokemon who are weak against Fire-types on the field as an alternative tactic. When it’s raining, Steel and Grass types like Bronzong or Venusaur represent less of a threat to teams who rely on Pokemon like Incineroar, Charizard, or Heatran.

In Rain, a few significant skills come into play:

When it is raining, a Pokemon with dry skin will restore 1/8 of its maximum health at the end of each turn.
Forecast: When it rains, the normal-type weather Pokemon Castform transforms into its rainy form.
Pokemon who are dehydrated recover from status ailments like poison and burn in the rain.
Rain Dish: At the end of each turn when it is raining, the Pokemon will regain 1/16 of its maximum HP.
Swift Swim: When it rains, a Pokemon’s Speed stat is doubled.
Due to its speed control, Swift Swim is the most well-liked and is perfect for Sweepers like Floatzel and Kingdra. The turn sequence can make or break a team’s strategy in rapid Metas. In comparison to items like Leftovers and Shell Bell or the move Recover, recovery options like Dry Skin and Rain Dish don’t perform as effectively. Status problems can become swiftly incapacitating in competitive bouts; hydration is helpful, especially on teams without other support options; Goodra is a great option for Pokemon with this ability.

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The most crucial issue is that opponents with Water-types will also benefit from rain on the field, therefore rain teams must be aware of certain aspects and potential problems.

Additionally, this raises the questionable prowess of Storm Drain. All single-hit Water-type attacks target a Pokemon with Storm Drain, but instead of dealing damage, it increases their Sp. Atk stat. The most frequent Pokemon in the Pokemon VGC with this ability are Shellos and Gastrodon, but Finneon and Lumineon as well. Having Electric-types or Grass-types on a team will help players combat this. Any team would benefit from Rillaboom, but it is especially effective at reducing some of Rain Team’s vulnerabilities. With the help of the move Grassy Terrain and its ability Grassy Surge, it can deal with other Water-types with ease. Rillaboom can withstand more blows thanks to the diminished power of Fire.

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