How to Get the Delicate Tomb Catalyst in Destiny 2 (& What It Does)

The Delicate Tomb fusion rifle is the new Exotic weapon in Season of the Plunder. Here is all the information that players of Destiny 2 need to know about its Catalyst.

The last 3.0 subclass rework in the form of Arc 3.0, a new seasonal tale themed on Mithrax and Eramis, as well as a tonne of brand-new interesting weapons and Exotic gear that will fit in well with the season’s theme are all new additions to Destiny 2.

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The Exotic Arc fusion rifle named Delicate Tomb, which players can obtain in the seasonal pass, is one of these new weapons in Destiny 2. With its horizontal and cone-shaped shooting pattern, this exotic weapon stands apart from other fusion rifles on the market. Here are instructions on how to access Delicate Tomb’s catalyst and a description of what it accomplishes.

As previously stated, Delicate Tomb is a season pass incentive for season 18. Owners of the premium seasonal pass can immediately access Delicate Tomb as the season’s opening prize. Players will need to level up to level 35 in the free season pass in order to get this weapon.

Ionic Traces may be produced when Delicate Tomb defeats targets. Delicate Tomb becomes overcharged and has the power to jolt a target with its subsequent shot if the player gathers an Ionic Trace. As a result, it meshes wonderfully with Arc 3.0 and the seasonal builds.

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The Delicate Tomb will be kept in the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic archives when season 18 is over. Like other Exotics from The Witch Queen era, it may be purchased under The Witch Queen Exotics page.

Banshee-44 will have a yellow Exotic quest marker on the Tower map once players have unlocked the weapon through their seasonal pass. Visit him right away to pick up a brand-new quest named The Form of Danger. From this point on, there are a few tasks for players to finish before Banshee-44 gives them the weapon’s catalyst.

First, defeat opponents and collect kills. Anywhere and with any weapon, these acts are possible.

Use special ammunition and weapons to take out targets (any weapon will do, not just the Delicate Tomb).
Defeat opponents designated as difficult (minibosses, champions, and the like will count for this).

Step 2: Finish the playlist’s tasks and use the Delicate Tomb to get kills.

Vanguard Strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible are among the playlist’s activities. Players who complete Nightfalls or triumph in Crucible or Gambit will advance more quickly.
Kills made using the Delicate Tomb can be recorded in any activity and anywhere in the system. Nevertheless, killing blows to Guardians will result in the most rapid advancement.

Third, get the Catalyst by speaking with Banshee-44 in the Tower.

Banshee-44 will once more receive the Exotic quest marker after all prerequisites have been met. To obtain the Delicate Tomb Catalyst, go to him in the Tower and speak with him. Remember that the struggle continues because upgrading the Catalyst is now required in order to slot it in, so the grind doesn’t end here.

The Delicate Tomb Catalyst is a challenging grind that takes 700 kills with the weapon itself, according to Light.GG. Shuro-Chi and Golgoroth are two of the greatest locations for grinding Special weapon Catalysts because players may set up rally banners there to continuously reload the checkpoint and replenish their ammo. Altars of Sorrow, the Grasp of Avarice entrance, and the Leviathan’s Containment activity are additional sites with easier access.

What Functions The Catalyst?

“Destiny 2” Provides an Update on the Gyrfalcon Exotic Duality Bugs.

Ionic Trace collection gains an additional benefit from Delicate Tomb’s Catalyst. Picking up an Ionic Trace after the Catalyst has been inserted will also refill the Delicate Tomb’s magazine from its reserve ammunition. Due to the lack of its reload animation, utilising it in PVE is now considerably more pleasant and improves fast-paced gaming.

How Beneficial Is The Delicate Tomb Catalyst?

The Delicate Tomb and its Catalyst are very worthwhile if players have played a lot of Arc 3.0 this season. This Exotic fusion rifle lends itself to a multitude of amazing Arc 3.0 builds, which is unusual given how rigid the Exotic weapon meta can occasionally be.

The utility that this weapon and its Catalyst offer when combined with Ionic Traces is its greatest advantage. With the Catalyst completely updated, reloading won’t be a problem either, which is wonderful given Arc 3.0 melee-ranged and fast-paced gameplay. Players will have access to jolt almost on command, which is fantastic. Due to its amazing hip-fire and distinctive firing cone when shot in this manner from the hip, it clearly outperforms the majority of Arc fusion rifles.

Therefore, even though players won’t give the Catalyst a high priority because the weapon is already excellent without being fully Masterworked, it’s still worthwhile to put in the effort if you intend to continue with Arc 3.0 after this season.

The platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia all support Destiny 2.

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