Koraidon in the Gold, Silver, and Crystal Styles of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Art

Legendary pocket monster Koraidon is depicted in pixel art in the manner of Generation 2 games by a fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The image above, created by a fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, depicts Koraidon in the aesthetic of earlier instalments of the series. Showing how more modern pocket monsters would appear if they were drawn in the manner of earlier games in the series is a common kind of artwork. These pixel versions of numerous Pokemon assist illustrate how the creatures may appear if not depicted in the familiar 3D representations.

The box legendary of Pokemon Scarlet is Koraidon. The players’ means of transportation while they explore Paldea will be a pocket monster, which can change its appearance based on the surface it is moving on. It is unknown what Typing Koraidon will have in addition to Miraidon, the primary legendary in Pokemon Violet.

The Internet Goblin, a Redditor, produced a piece of artwork that depicts what Koraidon from Pokemon Scarlet might appear to be if it were in Game Freak’s Generation 2 series. Many of the pocket monster’s distinctive traits are still present even in pixel form. Along with the braid and feathers visible on its head and back, this also refers to the tyres in its breast and abdomen. For anyone who played Pokemon Gold and Silver years ago, The Internet Goblin’s creations are excellent and provide a nostalgic experience.

A few people are lovers of the artwork created by The Internet Goblin. As they became tired of current Pokemon games that they never bothered to finish, a commenter suggested creating a Generation 9 version of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Another gamer added that the only pixel art that they would like over 3D models is Generation 2 art since they think it is attractive. The artwork offers a unique perspective on a pocket monster from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and pays homage to a time in the series’ history that many fans cherish.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

One of the creators of pixel art for various pocket monsters is The Internet Goblin. A Rayquaza figurine was made by a Reddit user with the username arkhai2. On the edge of the Sky Pillar, a trainer and its Mudkip are depicted in the piece. Rayquaza appears in front of them, descending from the skies and glaring at the trainer. On the artwork, there is an option box with the options “Fight” and “Run.” The Internet Goblin and arkhai2 both done a wonderful job of utilising the pixel art aesthetic and addressing the sentimental aspect for people who grew up playing Pokemon.

On November 18, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be made available for the Nintendo Switch.

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