The 10 Savviest LOTR Characters: Rings of Power

The most prominent personalities in The Rings of Power are also the most intelligent, putting political power aside.

The Lord of the Rings is over 5,000 years older than The Rings of Power, which also marks the beginning of the Second Age. Even though Morgoth was destroyed at the end of the First Age, the world has generally become more peaceful; nonetheless, some individuals firmly believe that evil will once again spread its dark wings over Middle-earth.

Elrond, Galadriel, and Sauron are just a few of the iconic figures from Tolkien’s expansive mythos that appear in this prequel trilogy. Others aren’t even mentioned in the original story, but they’re just as interesting and unforgettable as their canonical equivalents. The most prominent personalities in The Rings of Power are also the most intelligent, putting political power aside.

1 Gil-galad Is One Of The First Elves To Recognize The Fading Light Of The Eldar

Gil-galad has a lot to live up to as the grandson of Fingolfin, a great Elven warrior and former High King of the Oldor. One of the few remaining safe havens in Middle-earth, he is the ruler of the splendid country of Lindon. In The Rings of Power, Gil-galad may come across as a pompous jerk, but his elf-centric ideology has nothing to do with prejudice against any race.

His extraordinary knowledge is demonstrated by the fact that he was among the first Elves to notice the waning “light of the Eldar.” Despite his self-serving motivations for becoming friends with the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm, Gil-galad sincerely wishes to save his people from extinction.

2 Arondir’s Emotional Intelligence Is On Par With Characters Like Samwise Gamgee

A woodland elf named Arondir of Valariand has been proficient in archery since he was a very young age. In contrast to Legolas, his arrows usually always find their target, regardless of the wind’s velocity, the weather, or any other mitigating factors. Arondir, in contrast to his Silvan brethren, shows some sympathy for the Tirharadian people.

Fantasy literature sometimes misrepresents or undervalues emotional intelligence, but Arondir’s boundless empathy is his greatest source of power. Furthermore, even while shackled and outnumbered by his Orc captors, he can plan intricate escape routes without alerting them.

3 Celebrimbor’s Foresight Protects The Elven Kingdoms From Complete Ruin

TV viewers haven’t yet noticed Celebrimbor, but book (and video game) enthusiasts are already aware of how important this character is. Celebrimbor lacks the workforce necessary to realise his ambition, despite his desire to “move beyond tiny works of jewel-craft and develop something of actual strength.”

Narya, Nenya, and Vilya, the Elven Rings of Power and the only magical objects in Middle-earth that are resistant to Sauron’s evil power, will eventually be created by him. When Sauron subjugates the Men and Dwarf monarchs, Celebrimbor’s vision saves the Elven realms from complete destruction.

4 Disa Is Considerably Smarter Than Her Husband Durin, A Fact He Both Admires And Cherishes

Disa marries Crown Prince Durin, who adamantly claims that “she was a moon-eyed girl in love from the minute [they] met,” and becomes the Princess of Khazad-dûm. Disa is far smarter than Durin, despite her husband’s denials to the contrary, a fact he both admires and respects.

She uses her resonating abilities, a remarkable skill to develop, to locate mineral ores and deposits in the mines of Khazad-dûm. Disa’s character doesn’t exist outside of the TV series; in fact, Tolkien’s writings only make reference to one other female dwarf.

5 Pharazôn’s True Motives Are All But Imperceptible, Even To Galadriel

The revered Chancellor of Nmenor is Pharazôn, or Ar-Pharazôn as he is known in the literature. In The Rings of Power, he pretends to serve Queen Regent Mriel, but his true allegiances are to someone else. Pharazôn sneeringly informs his son that “the Elves will [soon be accepting] instructions” from Nmenor because he abhors Elvish civilization with a vengeance.

Pharazôn keeps all of his cards close to his chest, which explains why neither Galadriel nor Mriel can see through his nefarious intentions. Unfortunately, Pharazôn’s efforts will surely result in the island’s annihilation, which will be terrible for the unfortunate Nmenor residents.

6 Bronwyn Displays A Combination Of Plucky Courage And Common Sense

Bronwyn was purportedly derived from the Men who had once served the Dark Lord Morgoth and was only made for The Rings of Power. Despite her heritage, she charms audiences with a blend of gutsy bravery and common sense.

The majority of the Tirharad villagers abandon the security of Ostirith Watchtower and swear allegiance to Adar despite Bronwyn saving them from imminent death. Without Arondir’s encouragement that “her people have worked a whole age to win back their virtue,” this massive departure of people would have destroyed Bronwyn’s confidence.

7 Galadriel Manages To Soften Míriel’s Hardline Political Stance, Albeit With Some Difficulty.

Many people rank Galadriel as one of the greatest elves in Middle-history. earth’s She was at least 2,200 years old in The Rings of Power when she was born in Valinor during the Years of the Trees. TV Galadriel is more like a warrior than a philosopher, despite the fact that she eventually becomes known for her infinite wisdom.

She is, however, without a doubt one of the series’ sharpest characters. Galadriel’s pursuit of Sauron proves to be fruitless, so she quickly turns her attention to Nmenor. She softens Mriel’s adamant political attitude by providing indisputable evidence of the Dark Lord’s reappearance.

8 Elendil Impresses Galadriel With His Knowledge Of Ancient History

At some point in the future, Elendil will be remembered as the person who prevented the survivors of Nmenor from being completely destroyed. To say nothing of commanding an army of Men and Elves to Mordor, he is unable to even govern his rebellious son Isildur in The Rings of Power.

During Galadriel’s time in Nmenor, Elendil immediately becomes acquainted with her and wins her over with his command of the Elvish language and knowledge of antiquity. Elendil’s lack of confidence in his ability to create a new Middle-earthian empire is the issue.

9 Halbrand Is A Hardcore Survivalist Who Understands His Own Limits

The history of Halbrand is a mystery. Although he claims to be from the Southlands, he conceals his royal lineage until Galadriel figures it out. Halbrand is aware of his own limitations, which explains why he won’t go back to his orc-infested homeland.

On the other hand, Halbrand’s survivalist mindset demonstrates that he is capable of defending himself at any cost. Halbrand succeeds in persuading the Queen Regent to change her mind when Mriel begins to question her plan to travel to Middle-earth (with some help from Galadriel).

10 Elrond Is The Living, Breathing History Of Middle-Earth Itself

Elrond’s face is described by Tolkien as “ageless, neither old nor young, but in it was inscribed the memory of many things both joyous and mournful” in The Fellowship of the Ring. Elrond is essentially the history of Middle-earth as it exists today.

The revered Lord of Rivendell, known for his prescience, is said to be able to perceive events occurring across the continent as if he were seeing them with his own two eyes. Elrond’s healing powers spare Frodo from an injury that might have been deadly, displaying his knowledge of both magic and medicine. In The Rings of Power, he isn’t quite there yet, but he soon will be.

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