The Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Games According to Metacritic

The Grand Theft Auto titles’ Metacritic rankings mostly correspond to what fans might anticipate from the venerable video game franchise.

The best-selling console franchise of all time is Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series. More copies of Grand Theft Auto V have been sold than the entirety of other franchises combined. The series has devoted years to provide players with an experience they simply cannot find elsewhere. One of the rare gaming series that allows players to go wherever and do anything they want also supports that behavior is Grand Theft Auto.

However, it’s not the only factor in the series’ almost 300 million copies sold. Rockstar has made sure that Grand Theft Auto’s quality is higher than that of almost every other franchise available, and it sets a bar that few other brands have dared to cross.

1 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Focused On Growing An Empire In Vice City – 86

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The PlayStation Portable version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories was first made available in 2006. Stories casts players in the character of Victor Vance and takes place two years before Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The gameplay supports Vance’s intention to establish a criminal empire.

The focus of Vice City Stories is on building a genuine criminal empire, sometimes by stealing what competing gang bosses have previously accomplished. Even though the release of Vice City Stories coincided with a glut of GTA games, the game nonetheless achieved significant success, selling 4.5 million copies. Vice City Stories wasn’t perceived as a significant improvement, although it was well enough crafted to receive positive reviews in general.

2 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Is The Best-Selling PSP Game Of All Time – 88

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Grand Theft Auto Advance was the last attempt at a portable game, and it didn’t work out well. It was thus unexpected that Liberty City Stories, their second effort, earned such positive reviews. In this game, Toni Cipriani, a mobster who travels to Liberty City in search of a chance to rise to prominence within the Leone crime family, is the main character. The PSP supported both a robust single-player mode and multiplayer so that players could invite friends to the game and cause even more mischief.

With over eight million copies sold, Liberty City Stories became the PlayStation Portable’s top-selling title. A year later, the game was released for the PlayStation 2, but it wasn’t quite as highly reviewed, receiving only a 78 out of 100.

3 Grand Theft Auto IV: Ballad of Gay Tony Is The Standard For All Story Expansions – 89

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Even the downloadable DLC for Grand Theft Auto performs better than most entire games, making it a unique brand. Players in this game assume the character of Luis Lopez, Tony Prince’s nightclub owner’s bodyguard.

The majority of the game is on Luis trying to keep Tony alive because Tony is heavily in debt and mafia figures are attempting to manage his clubs. The game closes up a plot line from the first game and adds a ton of additional side quests for Grand Theft Auto IV. Fans requested this kind of single-player extension for GTA V, but instead got single-player expansions for GTA Online.

4 Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Damned Pulls Players Into The Lost MC – 90

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One of the Grand Theft Auto IV expansion storylines that was released in 2009 was The Lost and Damned. The narrative is set concurrently with Grand Theft Auto IV’s main plot and is this time centered on Johnny Klebitz, one of The Lost MC’s key ringleaders. Lost and Damned includes two fresh side tasks in addition to a lengthy campaign that focuses on The Lost MC’s role in GTA IV’s diamond narrative.

The first is Gang War, where Johnny can engage in combat with rival gangs to establish his gang’s supremacy over the city and earn more resources and more powerful weaponry for missions. The second is bike races, in which competitors can attack one another and knock one another off their bikes. The Xbox 360 version of this expansion managed a 90 on Metacritic, despite the fact that it is not frequently discussed with the same enthusiasm as Ballad of Gay Tony.

5 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Brought GTA To The DS – 93

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In the 2000s, Grand Theft Auto established a presence on every console it could, with Chinatown Wars arriving in 2009 for the Nintendo DS. The less said about GTA Advance, the better, as it was the final GTA game to appear on a Nintendo device. However, Chinatown Wars more than made up for that game with a fascinating narrative based on the Triad gangs of Liberty City.

The ability of Rockstar to produce a solid game while working within the Nintendo DS’s graphic constraints may have most impressed reviewers. And not just a good game, but one that made effective use of the console’s two screens.

6 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Expands The Grand Theft Auto World – 95

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When San Andreas was released in 2004, it expanded the Grand Theft Auto universe. San Andreas takes situated on the West Coast in the early 1990s, at the height of the drug epidemic and inter-gang conflict; in other words, it was the ideal backdrop for a game like GTA, which concentrates on the seedier side of life.

Players who take on the character of CJ visit San Andreas for their mother’s funeral only to find themselves thrust back into the violent and criminal society they thought they had left behind. Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas are the three new communities that San Andreas adds to Vice City, allowing players to explore them and complete tasks. In San Andreas, gamers can get into as much trouble as they want thanks to some of the best tricks.

7 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Masters The Feeling Of The ’80s – 95

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Rockstar used Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to declare their commitment to the video game business. Vice City, the well-liked Grand Theft Auto III sequel, added a ton of fresh features. This game, which took place in the named Vice City, centered on Tommy Vercetti and his desire to exact retribution after being ambushed during a drug transaction.

The player will find a story of violence and treachery in the slick, vibrantly colored Miami of the 1980s. This game’s popularity among players helped it sell 17.5 million copies, and many people have hailed it as one of the best PS2 games ever.

8 Grand Theft Auto V Has The Most Robust Online Experience Ever – 97

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Nobody could have foreseen Grand Theft Auto V’s phenomenal success when Rockstar first released the game. With a focus on three distinct protagonists that the player may freely swap between, it’s the most expansive GTA yet. Naturally, that wasn’t what made this a game so well-liked that Rockstar hasn’t bothered to make a new one in about a decade.

No, that honor belongs to GTA Online, where Rockstar has kept players engaged with never-ending content. The opportunity to compete in heists, racing, and other activities with gamers across the world has made this a must-play for GTA fans everywhere.

9 Grand Theft Auto III Is Where The GTA Franchise Took Off – 97

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Rockstar had previously produced Grand Theft Auto games, but GTA III launched the franchise. After experiencing a double-cross from his lover, Claude explores Liberty City in this game, which popularized the idea of the contemporary open world. The world of Grand Theft Auto III was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before, and players were free to wreak as much havoc as they pleased.

Although the independence offered in this first game was revolutionary at the time, it now seems archaic. The game contributed significantly to the PlayStation 2’s early success, selling more than 14.5 million copies as of the most recent count.

10 Grand Theft Auto IV Brought GTA To Another Level – 98

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The first attempt at a Grand Theft Auto game for HD systems was Grand Theft Auto IV. They did very well for themselves, given that it is tied for the second-highest Metacritic score in history. Niko Bellic, an Eastern European guy looking for a fresh life in Liberty City’s seedy neighborhoods, was the main character of GTA IV.

Fans were enthralled by the game’s enormous variety of activities and how gorgeous it was in comparison to other games of the time. Additionally, GTA IV was the final game to successfully strike a balance between an online mode and genuine post-launch support for single-player content enthusiasts. Hardcore fans of the franchise still hold Ballad of Gay Tony in high regard.

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