The Top 12 Blue-Haired Anime Guys

It’s quite difficult to locate blue-haired anime characters, especially men, in any widely watched local programming.

However, when they do, wow, are they really a catch!

Top 10 Blue-Haired Anime Guy Characters

So, if I may hazard a guess, you’re seeking for some blue-haired anime men. Let me give you a few of our top recommendations that also happen to have the XY chromosomal bundle.

1 Inosuke Hashibira
Anime: Demon Slayer

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If you haven’t seen the latest episodes of the show, this might contain some spoilers. Inosuke has a very feminine face and long black and blue hair, despite the fact that he presents a strong appearance.

Nobody would have inferred such from the raging muscles and rabid boar head, after all.

He is basically just wild as a character. He’s always up for a battle and stuffs his face whenever he can.

Additionally, he exudes the most infectious competitive energy, which the other characters occasionally utilise against him.

2 Aguero Agnes Khun
Anime: Tower of God

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This man has undoubtedly been the series’ face for a long, despite the list of the show’s four main characters.

And the reason for it is that he just always exudes a sense of mystique. He kept the audience guessing about his motivations and history.

He is somehow powerful despite having little physical strength, which heightens the curiosity.

He unquestionably has a sound head on his shoulders. And it just so happens to have a subtle blue hue on its crown.

3 Tamaki Amajiki
Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

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I mentioned how uncommon it is to discover characters with blue hair. But when it comes to rarity in anime, badass dandelions rank fairly high.

So you can imagine how happy I was when Tamaki made her debut.

We were aware of the man’s might because he was one of the “big three.” However, I didn’t fully anticipate the power levels of the Sun-eaters.

He will surely keep moving up the rankings till he is a top-tier hero as long as he abstains from dieting.

Team Rock, Gum, Mouth absolutely needs a CSI spinoff series, as an aside.

4 Marx Francois
Anime: Black Clover

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Yes, Marx may not be as distinctive as the Black Bulls or Mr. Shadow Sword.

He is, nonetheless, absolutely vital to the kingdom.

You have to realise that the monarch, despite his great might and good nature, behaves impulsively. Marx is solely responsible for the Clover Kingdom’s progress since he relentlessly chases the child monarch, both metaphorically and practically, to force him to carry out his duties.

You might be ignored by the rest of the world. Marx, I see you.
Keep up the good work, you nanny tactician.

5 Mitsuki
Anime: Boruto

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In all honesty, Mitsuki is the only newer character from Boruto that I genuinely enjoy.

This is due to the fact that we are now able to observe what would have happened if Orochimaru had been a good person.

In the early half of the series, he certainly had his sly “can we trust this guy” moments. However, he currently seems to be an essential member of the crew.

Additionally, a certain power he may or may not possess is just pure hype.
So even if I don’t really enjoy the series, I do adore Mitsuki!

6 Ryuuji Takasu
Anime: Toradora!

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I’m in serious need of a Ryuuji.

Although he’s viewed as frightening, I believe the reality to be quite the reverse. The dude is sentimental.

He constantly lends a hand to the tiny tsundere tiger palm over here by doing the cooking, cleaning, providing emotional support, wearing some additional plot, and who knows what else.

They really do make a cute couple, I mean. But Ryuuji is undoubtedly doing the majority of the labor-intensive work.

He also has a silly parrot and a sweet, inebriated mother. What is there not to love about this guy, really?

7 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Anime: Bleach

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Grimmjow, or at least the antagonistic side, is similar to the very essence of shounen.

There isn’t much time for polite conversation; it’s all about fighting, demonstrating your strength, and conquering.

What I’m trying to say is that he’s kind of a douche. He doesn’t really care what other people think of him and will speak whatever is on his mind at the time.

He does, however, adhere to a code of honour as a warrior. and has engaged in some Senzu bean mischief. Additionally, if he even perceives that you are judging him, he becomes quite agitated. As shounen as it gets, once more.

8 Jellal Fernandes
Anime: Fairy Tail

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Characters that are weighed down by their past and only exist in the present to make amends for their actions are common. And Jellal puts a lot of effort into that.

Despite being a prisoner, he gives the Fairy Tail guild his all. Naturally, for Erza.

Speaking of Erza, his passion for our warrior queen inspires some of the most heartbreaking relationship teasing and dramatic scenes.

The man opens the skies and casts you into hell if you even the slightest touch her. He does not feel guilty about that particular sin.

9 Aladdin
Anime: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

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The series required a spring of delight, and Aladdin provides it. His upbeat disposition simply makes the atmosphere happier.

He is more than simply a cute sidekick because he is a Magi. Additionally, he has a strong punch. Ugo, though, does most of the punching, if you get my meaning.

He is a highly dependable friend, and the trio (him, Alibaba and Morgiana). They are simply the ideal adventure team.

Later on, when it comes to power, he becomes slightly crazier. However, he never really gets lost and always remains a good force in the narrative. I also like the blue hair.

10 Nagisa Shiota
Anime: Assassination Classroom

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The charm of Nagisa is that he appears to be much more menacing even when compared to bad guy Karma.

He generally just comes across as a kind-hearted young man who just so happens to be carrying some rubber weaponry.

But things become intense when he becomes serious.

He is the class’s nicest person while simultaneously being the best assassin.

How wonderful is it that he can practically clap you out of consciousness? This all adds up to Nagisa being a top-tier in this category when combined with some incredible hand-to-hand combat abilities, some leadership points, and well-rounded character writing.

11 Ban
Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

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I believe that choosing between Meliodas, Escanor, or Ban as your preferred character should be regarded as a true personality test.

Sincerely, I’m a Ban guy. Because what’s not to adore about a character that is immortal and has an unending love?

His aesthetic alone screams “edge.” But his early victories and achievements are also fairly impressive.

To see Ban at his most badass, you do need to read the manga.

However, even with what the anime has depicted, the blue-haired man is still quite unforgettable.

12 Kamina
Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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This is what occurs when you max out the charisma tree, as I’ve explained before and will again.

Kamina is unquestionably a skilled warrior, after all. His tenacity is unmatched, as well.

But his greatest quality is likely his ability to inspire those around him.

After listening to him speak for a few minutes, I honestly wanted to engage in some Beastmen combat and evolve into a better version of myself.

He also greatly aids in the character development of the other characters, so overall he serves as the show’s lone source of optimism.

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