Top 10 ENFP-Identifying Anime Characters

ENFP! Prospecting, feeling, and extraversion. These are the characteristics that characterise anime characters pretty prominently.

The same characteristics can also be found in a large number of persons in real life.

As a result, fans are more likely to recognise if their favourite figure shares traits with them.

Thus, we conduct an online search and ultimately find this list.

You have an ENFP personality, from what I can see, and you seem to be curious about some people who are similar to you.

Weebs, don’t worry; I’m here to take care of you all. We’ll be looking at the Top 50 ENFP anime characters in this article.

These people have some of the most upbeat, friendly, and optimistic personalities you’ll ever meet.

So gather your favourite figure, take a seat on the couch, and explore the world of energy.

I’m hoping you like it.

1 Menma (Anohana)

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Menma is the first idealist and extrovert on our list. She appears to be highly gregarious and outgoing and is one of the main characters in the anime series Anohana.

She had the good fortune to make a tonne of wonderful friends during the series who ultimately support her.

She is regarded by many as an ENFP because of this. In addition, many people, both fans and the characters in the story, notice and enjoy her attractive and upbeat aura.

She is leading off our list of ENFP anime characters for this reason. And you’ll definitely lose your eyes listening to her backstory.

That is how awful it is, indeed.

2 Yamato (One Piece)

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A fairly unexpected inclusion on this list is Yamato from One Piece. She is Kaidou of the Four Emperors’ daughter.

Additionally, it has been established in the anime that she was trained and raised in ways to ensure that she would be a legitimate heir to Kaidou.

That’s not everything. It is also claimed that she is a strong, lively girl who has grown to admire and be fascinated by the samurai Kozuki Oden despite her very rigorous upbringing.

Yamato was the one who assumed Oden’s identity and made the decision to transform herself into Oden when he passed away.

And because of that, she stands out particularly in the show’s plot.

Definitely a noteworthy female.

3 Chrome (Dr. Stone)

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Chrome is a newcomer from Dr. Stone’s madness. He is one of the minor characters in the anime who lived in the village that Senku, the main character, eventually found.

Chrome didn’t have a strong personality in the first episodes of the show because of this. But after a while, we would come to understand that this man is actually quite a remarkable figure since he mastered magic.

And thanks to Senku, who served as his master and apprentice, this man was able to create some of the most bizarre devices ever.

In addition, he maintained an optimistic outlook and acted as a visionary during all of that, which qualifies him for the ENFP label.

4 Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)

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One of the main characters in the anime Fire Force is this stunning woman right here.

And she is the front-runner for some incredible fan service for a lot of folks.

Furthermore, Tamaki Kotatsu is one of the most powerful women in her programme.

She is a Second Class Fire Soldier of Third Generation. She also initially belonged to Special Fire Force Company 1.

She has experienced a good number of cool moments. Additionally, she has a charming and upbeat demeanour, which elevates her status as a prominent anime character.

5 Hiiragi Kashima (Given)

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He’s a rather obscure anime character. But that doesn’t alter the fact that, all things considered, he is a rather remarkable being.

He appears in the anime series Given as one of the main characters. And he has simply stunning good looks.

The thing about him that stands out the most is his hairdo. Because of how well the brown and yellow combination works, particularly in the anime media, this character is made even more appealing to the eye and likeable.

The finest thing about him, though, is his positive outlook on life, which inspires some of the most memorable events in the entire series.

He is on our list as a result of this. He is quite well-known for a high schooler.

6 Katarina Claes (My Next Life As A Villainess)

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Some of the funniest anime stories ever are told by this woman. I’ll explain.

When it comes to its storyline, isekai anime is infamous for being repetitive. They simply concentrate on the main character being defeated and winning the next world as the hero.

Catarina, on the other hand, is a character in the anime My Next Life As A Villainess.

And as the term implies, she turns into a Villainess rather than a heroine.

Because the Villainess always loses, she is condemned as a result. She still has a positive attitude on things, though, despite her unfavourable title.

She qualifies for this list because of that, in my opinion.

7 Kurahashi Hinano (Assassination Classroom)

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One of the most famous girls in her programme is this one. And for that reason, she makes such a stunning character.

She appears in the anime Assassination Classroom as one of the supporting characters. She is also making every effort to have her sensei assassinated, just like every other student in the episode.

She approaches the problem, though, in a far more upbeat and passionate manner than she would if it were serious or hostile.

She is a sweet student at Kunugigaoka Junior High, and her charm comes from the way she is as a person.

It goes without saying that her radiant face and orange hair offer us the best impression of her in the presentation.

8 Twice (My Hero Academia)

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In the anime My Hero Academia, Twice is one of the minor antagonists. Additionally, he has an incredible character overall.

This is due to the fact that he can divide himself into several halves based on his personality attributes thanks to his quirk.

The fact that Twice has a dual personality, however, is the most significant aspect of this situation. And as a result, there is a portion of him that fits the ENFP category quite well.

The humorous aspect of him is thought to be that. When it comes to that aspect of his character, he is not only modest and caring, but also upbeat and eager.
And for this reason, he is waiting for us here on this list.

9 Kotoko Aihara (Itazura Na Kiss)

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Her personality is quite distinctive. And the reason for this is that her anime isn’t very well-known.

That doesn’t change the fact that this woman is a strong candidate to serve as one of our ENFP role models, though.

She is a character from the obscure anime Itazura na Kiss.

And she has made a truly remarkable contribution to the same. She has a lot of screen time because she is the lead female.

She marries a specific person in the romance television series Itazura na Kiss.

However, that would be considered a spoiler, so we won’t mention anything. But we shouldn’t dodge her bubbly personality, which drives a lot of people crazy and breaks their hearts.

10 Anzu Yamasaki (Gantz)

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When it comes to combat, this chick is a beast. That makes perfect sense, given the show she’s a part of.

She is one of the main protagonists of the Gantz anime. Additionally, she is a member of the Osaka team.

She made her debut on a unique mission called the Nurarihyon Alien Mission for this reason.

She is, in fact, a deadly opponent at first glance. But the more you see her on screen, the more you’ll see how badly she wants to alter Gantz’s reality.

And it is because of her idealistic disposition that we categorise her as an ENFP. Not to mention, her design is also rather attractive.

11 Kuromi (Onegai My Melody)

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Not exactly the first character that comes to me when I mention anime characters is this one.

But her cheery disposition simply makes up for it. She is one of the main protagonists of the Onegai My Melody television series.

She now competes with My Melody there. She’s a white being that might look like an imp or a bunny.

She does, however, have a notorious personality in the series, and she also wears a black hat, which is significant.

She is wearing a black hat with a drawn-on skull on it. Because of this, her mood is much more accountable.

The cutest thing about Kuromi is how adorable she is. And everyone would want to have that quality.

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