Top 10 RPGs Available Now

You want an experience that will immerse you and keep you entertained the entire time if you’re playing an RPG because you’re in it for the long haul. RPGs are frequently burdened with providing the complete package because their genre is both well-known and continually changing. The finest ones brilliantly combine thrilling gameplay, endearing characters, enormous bosses, and an engaging plot to create games that have all the essential components.

Look no further than this list if you’re looking for RPGs that excel in certain areas. The games that follow, while having similar themes, each carve out their own distinct niche in the genre and offer a story-focused experience with exciting encounters around every corner. These 10 outstanding role-playing games are worth your time and effort, listed in no particular order. As outstanding titles are released, we’ll occasionally add them to this list, which is constantly changing.

1 Live A Live

The Top Computer RPGs for 2022

Square Enix has finally introduced its highly regarded Super Famicom RPG to the west, and it lives up to the hype after only about 30 years. The time-traveling quest is told as a collection of short stories with heroes from widely dissimilar time periods. Every adventure keeps you guessing with its distinct narrative and gameplay elements, whether it takes place in antiquity, the Wild West, the far future, or elsewhere. You’ll control a huge robot, ambush a band of outlaws with traps, and defeat opponents in an MMA tournament played out like a combat game. The best part is discovering how these many narratives intertwine, and we promise you won’t be let down. The world can now discover what Japanese players and JRPG enthusiasts have known for years: Live A Live is a really wonderful game.

2 Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The Top PC CRPGs for 2022

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you’re not getting the standard Pokémon trip. With this time-traveling journey, Game Freak is experimenting with the pocket monster concept by prioritizing catching, learning, and exploring over competing and winning. You’ll explore various large, wide spaces as a proficient member of the Galactic Team Research Corps in quest of monsters to add to the first Pokédex in the Hisui region. You’ll come across Pokémon along the route that you can capture by throwing a Poké Ball at them or instantly start a battle with by calling out your own Pokemon. There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the Hisui region, its inhabitants, and the legendary Poké-god Arceus. The latest and most immersive Pokémon adventure is Legends: Arceus, which RPG fans should not miss.

3 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Top JRPG Games on Steam for 2022

The open-world adventure from CD Projekt Red is no longer novel, but it was so ambitious and visually spectacular that it is still regarded as the benchmark for RPGs. It succeeds in every crucial regard: superb storytelling, distinctive characters, dramatic combat, decisions with unpredictably negative outcomes, and thrilling exploration. With numerous updates and a recent Switch port that enables you to travel while playing, the game has only become better since its debut. Come for the dry wit and outstanding combat prowess of monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, but stay for Ciri’s transformation into the woman she was meant to be. Making difficult decisions and seeing how they affect this enormous open world makes your presence important in a way that few video games can.

4 Persona 5 Royal

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When Persona 5 was released in 2017, it advanced the series by improving the standout turn-based fighting, boosting the well-liked social features, and increasing the series’ fashionable appeal. It’s fun to be the leader of the Phantom Thieves as the team battles evil forces and improves society, especially when you make friends along the road. Because it introduces new characters, story arcs, and a substantial post-game palace, as well as providing a climatic and cinematic finale to your time as a Phantom Thief, Persona 5 Royal is the only way to truly enjoy the fantastic RPG. There are several additions here that improve the original, which is still among the best RPGs of the past ten years. These additions include a grappling hook, new collectibles, and entertaining team-up assaults. You’re in for a memorable and enjoyable adventure whether this is your first encounter with the Phantom Thieves or you’re searching for a cause to go back to Café Leblanc.

5 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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However, the characters continue to be the real stars of the show and the main draw for gamers. The Mass Effect trilogy advanced the influence of choice in games and demonstrated how a personal connection might make players enjoy the overall experience. Commander Shepard’s squadmates produced many memorable – and even painful – moments that came to characterize the experience throughout the trilogy, whether it was the charismatic and devoted Garrus or the benevolent and enigmatic Tali. The three-arc tale may be easily accessed and played through in its entirety with all the DLC thanks to the Legendary Edition. Unquestionably, the remaster improves the visuals, and the changes—particularly to the first game—make a significant impact with updated Mako controls, better camera angles, and more intricate landscapes. Commander Shepard’s Journey will hook you if you like story-driven role-playing games.

6 Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

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The list includes another outlandish, narrative-focused RPG, but for very different reasons. Disco Elysium is a combat-free game that also has a rich universe and captivating story. It’s best to go into it with very little knowledge, but to sum up: the adventure puts you in the role of a hopeless police officer looking into an odd murder. Your disaster of a protagonist is on the verge of redemption or devastation as a result of your deeds and conversation, and the writing is simply outstanding. The language “has a remarkable flair for showcasing beauty amid bleakness,” as Joe Juba writes in our review. The Final Cut version added valuable content including additional political vision quests and full voice acting while bringing the experience to consoles for the first time. You will have a very distinct experience here regardless of how many times you go through Disco Elysium, and that’s part of the appeal.

7 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

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Everyone seems to remember Cloud and his little mercenary crew as they battle Shinra in one of the most well-known RPGs ever. However, Square Enix added a fresh and intriguing aspect to this story by avoiding nostalgia while still drawing from it. The end result is a proper remake that updates the gameplay for contemporary audiences while bringing back iconic characters. The best way to enjoy this fascinating retelling of Cloud’s narrative is on Intergrade, which debuted this year. The Yuffie-focused Intermission episode, a photo feature, a new concluding cutscene, and other significant aesthetic improvements are all included in Intergrade. There is a reason why so many people still talk about this remake and why so many talk about Final Fantasy VII. Don’t pass up the chance to learn why.

8 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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You can’t go wrong with Fire Emblem: Three Houses if strategy or role-playing games are more your style. The addition of extra social components by Intelligent Systems in this entry paid well, especially in giving you a personal interest in the narrative by making you a professor of the house of your choice. A greater bond is formed with your teammates when you have the power to mold and guide them. However, the real intrigue lies in the ongoing political conflict; as you choose who to support, expect betrayals and violence. The decisions are difficult, but where things truly get intriguing is in how the young leaders of the game’s three houses develop and create the future. A highlight is winning the battles against all odds, but you won’t soon forget the relationships you’ve built and the occasionally disastrous turns they take.

9 Tales of Arise

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Tales of Arise, the most recent game on this list, has a difficult task to complete: reimagine the venerable Tales series and appeal to a larger audience. Bandai Namco changed the formula in unique and innovative ways while still maintaining the core of the franchise, adding a new visual aesthetic, adding more strategy to the gameplay, and delivering a more serious narrative. Everything you enjoy about RPGs is present in this game, including a vast environment full of discoveries, enormously difficult boss fights, an enjoyable advancement system, and amazing character interactions. With team assaults, spectacular aerial attacks, and last-second dodge bonuses, the action battle system excels. Along the journey, you’ll forge ties that will last a lifetime with your party members and contribute to bridging the gap between two feuding civilizations.

10 Yakuza: Like A Dragon

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Like a Dragon doesn’t fall short of the heartwarming and ridiculous moments that make up the Yakuza series. But what really impresses and distinguishes it is its endearing goofball protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, and a turn-based RPG with depth that goes beyond slapping people in the face. Yakuza had been an action-focused series up until this point, but creator Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio fully embraced its RPG roots. Ichiban is a rabid Dragon Quest fan, and you form relationships with other party members via Personas. There is even a “must catch ’em all” system where you gather “Sujimon” for a professor among the enormous list of side pursuits. If that’s still not amusing enough, you can change jobs and fight the enemy as anything from a cook to a breakdancer. However, Ichiban’s adventure involves more than simply ridiculous minigames and bizarre ways to defeat enemies. As you try to understand why his old father figure betrayed him, there are also many heartfelt and compelling moments.

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