10 Best Green-Haired Anime Characters

By Aahil

Despite being born quirkless, Deku grew up with an innate sense of justice and heroism, he was able to capture the attention of famous superheroes.


(My Hero Academia)

Jolina is about as snappy and conflicting as you can get- something we all love her for.

Jolyne Cujoh

(JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Gon is a little guy with a great sense of adventure. This brave young boy dreams of becoming a hunter.

Gon Freecs

(Hunter x Hunter)

We can't leave this guy out, can we? Roronoa is a master swordsman and a former bounty hunter.

Roronoa Zoro

(One Piece)

Ribbons is a genetically modified human who has nanomachines that both stop him from aging and allow him to survive in space.

Ribbons Almark


He debuts as a major antagonist and antagonist in Pokemon Black/White, N also appears in the BW anime series.



Tatsumaki is impatient with others and rude to those whom she sees as incompetent. He is an extremely powerful telepath.


(One-Punch Man)

Vegeta describes Broly as the most powerful Saiyan in the galaxy, saying that something is coming from Vegeta.


(Dragon Ball)

Spike is the cool and collected bounty hunter and Bruce Lee-enthusiast we all know and love.

Spike Spiegel

(Cowboy Bebop)

Now, this character's hair may not be completely green; Rather, it's probably closer to black in color, but let's call it a deep-dark green.


(FullMetal Alchemist)

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