10 Smartest Characters In LOTR Rings Of Power

By Aahil

November 09, 2022

Gil-galad Is One Of The First Elves To Recognize The Fading Light Of The Eldar— As Fingolphin's grandson, a legendary Elven warrior and former high king of old or old, Gil-galad has a lot to live for.

Arondir's Emotional Intelligence Is On Par With Characters Like Samwise Gamgee- Valariandë's Arondir is a woodland elf, trained in the art of archery from a very young age.

Celebrimbor's Foresight Protects The Elven Kingdoms From Complete Ruin-fest has yet to make an impact on TV audiences, but fans of the book are already aware of the character's vital importance.

Disa Is Considerably Smarter Than Her Husband Durin, A Fact He Both Admires And Cherishes The girl was

Pharazôn's True Motives Are All But Imperceptible, Even To Galadriel—Pharazin, or Ar-Farazin, as he is called in the books, is the respected chancellor of Numenor.

Bronwyn Displays A Combination Of Plucky Courage And Common Sense—Created entirely for The Rings of Power, Bronwyn is allegedly descended from men who once served the Dark Lord Morgoth.

Galadriel Manages To Soften Míriel's Hardline Political Stance, Albeit With Some Difficulty - Galadriel is widely regarded as the greatest elves in Middle-earth history.

Elendil Impresses Galadriel With His Knowledge Of Ancient History - Elendil will be known as the man who saved the survivors of Numenor from complete destruction, but that time is still far away.

Halbrand Is A Hardcore Survivalist Who Understands His Own Limits - Halbrand understands his limits, explaining why he refuses to return home to his orc-infested lands.

Elrond Is The Living, Breathing History Of Middle-Earth Itself - Tolkien described Elrond's face as "old, neither old nor young, though it contained the memory of many things, both joy and sorrow."