10 Smartest Tech-Powered Heroes, Ranked


By Aahil

Ray Palmer was an important part of DC's Silver Age rejuvenation and remains a key part of the company's hero community.

The Atom Expanded The Meaning Of Matter Manipulation

There's no denying the idea that some might be hesitant to define Watchmen villain Ozymandias as a superhero.

Ozymandias Is Deviously Cunning

Hank Pym is one of the most influential characters in the Marvel Universe, due in large part to his mind.

Hank Pym's Impact Is Ever-Growing

Black Panther has been a genius since its first appearance, a story in which it took down the entire Fantastic Four on its own.

Black Panther's Genius Makes Him A Brilliant Leader

A man born with an enormous intellect, Rudy Connors soon used his brain to create a super powerful identity.

Robot Is A Creative Genius

Ted Cord adopted the Blue Beetle identity when Dan Garrett, the original Blue Beetle, died before him.

Blue Beetle Is Quietly Brilliant

Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific, has "a natural aptitude for picking up on natural abilities."

Mister Terrific Keeps Learning

Marvel's Armored Avenger has long been one of the team's biggest minds and is never afraid to show it.

Iron Man's Inventions Make Him Cool

At just nine years old, Lunella Lafayette has been recognized as the smartest person in the Marvel Universe.

Moon Girl Is A Genius Kid With A Dinosaur

Batman has a plan for everything. It's not just because Batman is really good at flowcharts.

Batman Is The World's Greatest Detective

NASA’s Web Catches Fiery Hourglass as New Star Forms