After Fan Outcry, "Destiny 2" Provides an Update on the Gyrfalcon Exotic Duality Bugs.

By Aahil


A fresh update for Destiny 2 caused a surprising amount of buzz during this contentious week.

Although the majority of gamers didn't hurt anyone, there have been many urgent issues without patches for a very long time.

The sword perk Eager Edge, which allows for greater speed—much faster for Bungie—over repeated activations, received the nerf in question.

Not only was it abandoned, but Bungie also appears to have changed the way the game handles speed in general.

Whereas if you're moving too quickly and try to shove a new hat, you might occasionally simply stop moving altogether, which is kind of strange.

However, players were curious as to why this "bug"—which no one actually cared about—was being rectified.

Community manager DMG responded in a forum about how they were aware of the communication issues.

This provides insight into what was happening with the two problems that have sparked the most complaints.

Hunter Gyrfalcon Alien, which was deactivated on September 15 owing to the ability to stack Titans' Overshield, will be active again in the middle of October after having had its problems fixed.

On October 18th, the patch should also include a potential remedy for players in Duel Dungeon randomly dying when the bell sounds.

What is the outcome? What happens if a Rockstar hacker leaked GTA6 source code?