Alleged Apex Legends Leak New LTM Titanfall Maps are Forthcoming


By Aahil

A collection of Titanfall maps may appear in a future update for a new LTM, according to an Apex Legends leak.

Titanfall has had a significant influence on Respawn battle royale with the 2019 release of Apex Legends.

whereby the developers have directly incorporated elements and characters from the first franchise.

Players on Olympus can engage in combat for loot with Ash, Car SMG, Valkyrie, or Specters.

The Titanfall connection and the fact that the two games take place in the same universe is adored by the Apex community.

Well, a number of leaks suggest that one of the most thrilling Titanfall features may be on the way to Apex soon.

According to trustworthy Apex Legends dataminer KralRindo, Respawn added nine Titanfall maps to the game files in the final patch.

This is undoubtedly a promising development for Titanfall fans, since Exoplanet, Homestead, Angel City, Black Water Canal, Boneyard, Crash Site, Rise, Eden, and Colony have all been added.

It's a waiting game for now, but Respawn just revealed their ambitions for maps in the near future.

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