By Aahil

Before being Apprehended, Rockstar Hacker Sold the Grand Theft Auto V Source Code.


A 17-year-old hacker who breached Rockstar Games' servers earlier this month, according to a Reddit user, allegedly sold the GTA V source code.

Before being apprehended, a young hacker who had accessed Rockstar Games' computers in September allegedly sold the source code for Grand Theft Auto V.

A 17-year-old hacker teapot allegedly sold the game's stolen source code on the Telegram channel, according to a Reddit post.

An unnamed group administrator published a screenshot that showed the code's purchaser attempting to resell it.

Before being apprehended, the GTA 6 leaker reportedly sold the GTA V source code through a Telegram channel.

The administrator has uploaded a fresh screenshot of the source code in accordance with the buyer's claim, which was validated.

Although the group's administrator utilized the GTA 6 leaker teapot to communicate flawlessly, it appears that the group is unable to share the link.

confirmed that he had sold the GTA 5 source code to another group member on the day of the GTAForums post when the latter supplied a fresh snapshot of the source code as evidence.

The admin who supplied his Telegram@ claims that the buyer has put the source code up for sale.

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