By Aahil

November 09, 2022

California Man Claims Meteorite Burned Down His House

A man whose rural home in northern California burned down has said the fire was caused by a meteorite hitting the house.

Dustin Prosita, the owner of the property in Penn Valley, vacated his home at around 7 p.m. local time on November 4.

When he saw the fire, one of his dogs and his wife's three pet rabbits were lost in the fire.

"I heard a big bang," he told KCRA. "I started to smell smoke. I went to my porch, and it was completely engulfed in flames."

Prosita says that the fire was caused by a meteorite that fell to Earth around the same time.

According to SFGATE, the fireball was seen by many locals, from Gustin, California to Grant Pass, Oregon, captured on a variety of security, dashboard cameras.

Meteorite experts are skeptical about this explanation of the fire, because meteorites hitting the ground are not as blazing as we might assume.

A meteorite coming through the atmosphere is a bit like when you order some deep fried ice cream.

You have a pile of rock or metal that is moving in space and has been in space for billions of years then it will cool down at its very center.

"As it accelerates high into Earth's atmosphere, it pushes the air in front of it, causing that air to superheat.

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