Children Who Play Video Games Perform Better On Tests of Brain Function


By Aahil

Children who play video games have better memory control over their motor skills, according to a new study looking at the brains of adolescents.

Video games can't account for those differences -- the study can't say what causes them.

But the findings add to a larger body of work showing that gamers have better performance on certain tests of brain function.

This study adds to our growing understanding of the relationship between brain development playing video games," Nora Volkow said in the statement.

The study used data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study.

Which launched in 2018 and is tracking brain development in thousands of children in the United States as they grow into adulthood.

Participants periodically undergo a battery of assessments, including brain imaging, physical health exams, and other tests.

The research team on this new study pulled from the first set of assessments in the ABCD study, to study video games and cognition.

The ABCD study asked participants how many hours of video games they played on a typical weekday or weekend.

The research team divided the group into video gamers and non-video gamers (kids who didn't play any video games per week).

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