Diablo 4 is now part of GTA 6 as preliminary footage leaks online


By Aahil

Grand Theft Auto 6 isn't the only game that's been highly anticipated to leak in the last few days. footage from the initial release of Diablo 4 has now appeared online.

According to PC Gamer, Reddit user iV1rus0 uploaded two videos in secret to a file sharing website; the first one contained just five minutes of Diablo 4 footage and the additional 38 minutes.

It's not clear what stage of development the footage comes from, but considering that a lot of the models in the game's world lack textures, it's definitely not a final product.

A large portion of the game is functional and the videos show what seems to be a wild character roaming around the world and fighting off opponents.

Blizzard has not yet issued an announcement regarding the leak; however, IGN has been in contact with the developer to inquire about their response.

Diablo 4 is expected to be released in 2023. Blizzard has been very out about the development of the game and has released quarterly updates about what players are likely to get from the action-oriented RPG.

Although it will only have five sections when it launches the developer has declared it will include years of DLC. Diablo 4 will receive years of DLC.

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