Elden Ring: Obtaining Weathered Maps and Their Uses


By Aahil

The Weathered Map is a quest item that helps complete the questline of Preceptor Seluvius in the Elden Ring, so here it can be found.

The Weathered Map is a quest item that helps complete Preceptor Seluvis' questline in the Elden Ring.

It can only be accessed from two specific locations, so the weather map here is where to track.

Elden Ring is an Action RPG developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Which follows the journey of Kalankit, a warrior exiled from the Lands Between, who comes back due to Grace's guidance.

The Weathered Map is a means of locating a valuable object known as a Maber starlight.

It can reportedly be used to make a potion that can turn even a deity into a puppet.

Which sounds very ominous. The map is not necessary to complete the quest, but serves as a useful aid in locating the amber starlight.

Once the player has fallen into the manor, they can turn right and drop down a set of wooden platforms to reach the lower part of the roof.

One can then take a nearby staircase to a balcony area where Pedia can be found.

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