Exclusive: Dismissed Nintendo employee Complains of Union-Busting

By Aahil

In an interview with Axios, Mackenzie Clifton, a Nintendo activist who earlier this year lodged a labor complaint against the gaming giant, uses the name for the first time.

Veteran game tester accused Nintendo and was let go in February by contracting company Aston Carter.

The complaint claimed that employers had impeded Clifton's ability to negotiate unionization without fear of retaliation, which is a legally protected right.

At a business conference for hundreds of Nintendo testers held online in January, Clifton was informed that he had been fired.

Nintendo has refuted claims that Clifton's termination was influenced by unions.

Instead, it was said that the examiner was fired for "secret material" that was made public.

When Clifton asked witnesses for proof of the breach, they showed him a tweet from February 16 in response, according to Axios.

According to Clifton, this is going in the wrong direction because the tweet's focus is hazy. It was obvious that it did not state what Clifton was working on.

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