Fake Minecraft updates have Left Hundreds of People with Infected PCs

By Aahil


Recent months have seen an incredible rise in the number of cyber-attacks and cyber threats that are in connection with video games, studies have been able to demonstrate.

The latest data by Kaspersky suggests that users must be vigilant for a variety of possible threats, from scams involving phishing to malware downloads that take the form of bonus features or updates.

Kaspersky stated that when conducting an investigation into threats in the period between July 2021 and July 2022 Minecraft was the culprit for almost 25% (25 25.5%) of the malicious files.

There were 23,239 incidents reported, the next were FIFA (11 percent), Roblox (9.5%), Far Cry (9.4 percent) as well as Call of Duty (9%).

Minecraft is also at the top of the list of mobile malware threats having 40% of the known incidents involving the game, over GTA (15 percent), PUBG (10%), Roblox (10%) and FIFA (5 percent).

But Kaspersky noted that the total amount of unwanted and malicious files that are associated with Minecraft actually dropped by 36% in comparison to previous year.

The number of affected users is also down by approximately 30 percent (131,005 in comparison to 184.887) year-on-year.

In the past the gambling industry has changed greatly, so we are expecting to see new methods of exploitation for users in the next year.

for example, by taking advantage of the esports themes such as esports, which are becoming popular all over the globe," the firm said.

"That's why it's vital to be secure, so you don't risk losing your account, money, or gaming account you've built over time."

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