From "Cyberpunk 2077" Review: What Has Changed in Two Years?

By Aahil


The past couple weeks have been spent playing Cyberpunk 2077 for a third time in its entirety.

Recently, I gave up on one of my PC Versus builds that was an experimental guns-blazing build and was stuck at about level 15.

My intention was to revisit him when the game had undergone further fixes and the QoL changes had been stabilized.

I believed that now, with the sport's recent rise, it was an equally good time for him to come back.

I'm at my maximum V and ready to see Hanako in Ember after 30 hours and 35 more levels.

In the past, I've produced a collection of patch notes listing all the changes the game has undergone in the last two years, but really playing it through is a different experience.

Here are the things I notice have altered since my initial playthrough. And it's a respectable sum.

While I didn't have any problems that utterly destroyed my game on my original Cyberpunk launch playtime, there were a lot of frustrating ones.

To get some stuck, I probably had to reload here with all the fixes, but out of 30 hours, it's not that bad.

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