Gameplay Information for GTA 6 is Complete

By Aahil

Rockstar Games itself hasn't talked much about GTA 6. But thanks to major leaks, we already know quite a bit about the game.

With the GTA 6 release just some time away, the rumor mill is churning tirelessly about the next highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto title.

Developer Rockstar Games has been as quiet about this game as Krasinski, so we don't have any official information about it yet.

Watch early, pre-alpha footage of GTA 6. In these videos, we saw many cool features that will be new in GTA 6.

It looks like many features unique to Rockstar's previous game, Red Dead Redemption 2, will make their way to GTA 6.

RDR 2's dialogue system will also be there in GTA 6. You saw the main characters talking to NPCs, using "Greet", "Threaten" and "Rob".

In GTA 6, you'll play as two characters, called Lucia and Jason (at least in the pre-alpha footage, names may be subject to change).

They are supposed to be a Bonnie, Clyde-like pair, who carry out a one-on-one heist in Vice City, Miami's fictional version of GTA.

Robbery seems to be an important part of this game. In the leaked footage, we saw a small-scale robbery at a restaurant.

Like any Rockstar game, GTA 6 will have a ridiculous level of detail. Some of them are already visible in the leaked material.

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