Hackers Uncovered the Darkest Wildlife Mystery of Elden Ring

By Aahil


The goddamn runebearer is the most intriguing of the secrets concealed by the game's collection of ostensibly lovely wildlife specimens.

We're referring to those enormous jack-ups that periodically appear out of nowhere and quickly destroy us.

What's going on with them? What makes them so big? Why is his chest glowing in such a way? Why does the map occasionally swallow up his one weakness?

In any case, YouTuber and data sleuth Zullie The Witch has dug deep into the game's databases once more to discover that these bears aren't your typical bears.

Yes, they are bears now or at least once were, but they are in the process of changing into something else.

A rune bear who lived off the map was discovered by Zully after he acquired access to a beta version of the game.

Zuli earns a dragon heart for killing it. This implies that the reason for their great size is since there aren't many bears on this planet that end up becoming dragons.

We're still unsure of whether all the dragons in that realm are derived from bears or whether we're all crazy.

Making the Elden Ring nothing more than a reptilian government hoax, but we're sure we'll check into it further.

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