November 09, 2022

By Aahil

How to Watch a Lunar Eclipse As the Moon Prepares to Bleed

The total lunar eclipse visible across the United States on November 8th should be a great night time spectacle.

Possibly darkening the Moon to a bloody red for more than an hour, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes into Earth's shadow.

The Moon doesn't go completely dark during the event, however, so it still receives some sunlight that passes around Earth and through its atmosphere.

It turns red when sunlight passes through the Earth's atmosphere. This is due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering.

In which sunlight is dispersed while traveling through the air. Light is scattered less than shorter wavelengths, such as the color blue.

As a result, the Sun reaching the Moon after passing through the Earth's atmosphere has a reddish tint.

This means that the Moon appears red during a lunar eclipse. For this reason a lunar eclipse is sometimes called a blood moon.

Tania de Sales Marx, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in the UK, told Newsweek: "A total lunar eclipse lasts a few hours.

We'll see the Moon darken slightly as it enters Earth's outer shadow, the penumbra.

"As the Moon enters the inner shadow, the umbra, it will turn black and red, and at the peak of the eclipse it will appear red, sometimes orange, like a full moon,"

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