Koraidon in the Gold, Silver, and Crystal Styles of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Art

By Aahil


A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet draws the legendary pocket monster Coradon in the pixel art style of the Generation 2 titles.

A fan of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet shows off what Coradon would look like in the style of the older games in the franchise.

One popular form of artwork involves showing what recent pocket monsters would look like when done in the style of older titles in the series.

These pixelated forms of the various Pokémon help to show what the creatures would look like outside the 3D model.

Coradon is the box legend of Pokemon Scarlett. The pocket monster will serve as a means of transportation for the players.

They explore Paldia, and will be able to take on a variety of forms depending on the terrain he is traveling through.

This includes the tyres of his chest and abdomen, as well as the beaks and feathers visible on his head and back.

The-Internet-Goblin's work is impressive and a trip to nostalgia for anyone who played Pokemon Gold and Silver years ago The-Internet-Goblin is one of many artists to come up with pixel artwork for various Pocket Monsters.

A Redditor known as arkhai2 created a piece of Pokémon Rayquaza. A trainer and his mackeeper can be seen on top of the Sky Pillar.

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