Microsoft is determined to become "The Disney of games", also known as the Metaverse

By Aahil

Microsoft is buying game developers, but regulators might be hesitant about the latest acquisition.

The time Walt Disney (DIS) bought Pixar No one or perhaps at that time the chief executive Bob Iger was aware of the Mouse House plans to siphon off a substantial amount of the best Intellectual Property (IP).

The strategy worked and Iger later was confident in purchasing Lucasfilm (Star Wars) and Marvel.

Microsoft (MSFT) offers possibly more in mind in its approach to the launch of 23 game studios that create all kinds of games, including "Minecraft," to "Gears of War,"" Fallout, and more.

If everything goes according to the plans, the deal, the biggest acquisition ever made by the Redmond-based firm, will be able to see Microsoft purchase the business in a cash-only deal valued at $68.7 billion.

Activision Blizzard has been one of the top players in gaming since the year 2008 since 2008, when Activision Publishing merged with Vivendi Games.

Since the beginning of the Nintendo Entertainment System arrived on American shores in 1985 The media has occasionally thought that video games were an idea of culture or marginal pastime, but this is not the truth.

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