NASA's Web Catches Fiery Hourglass as New Star Forms

By Aahil

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has revealed once-hidden features of a protostar within the dark cloud L1527.

Which provides insight into the beginning of a new star. These blazing clouds within the Taurus star-formation region are visible only in infrared light.

The protostar itself is hidden from view within this hourglass-shaped "neck", making it an ideal target for Webb's near-infrared camera.

Seen as a dark line in the middle of the neck at the edge of the protoplanetary disk.

Light from the protostar leaks above and below this disk, illuminating cavities within the surrounding gas and dust.

The blue-orange cloud in this representative-color infrared image outlines cavities created as material shoots away from the protostar and collides with surrounding matter.

The colors themselves are caused by layers of dust between the web and the clouds. The blue regions are where the dust is thinnest.

The thicker the dust layer, the less blue light is able to escape, creating pockets of orange color.

Webb also reveals filaments of molecular hydrogen that have been shocked by the protostar ejecting material from it.

The shocks and turbulence prevent the formation of new stars, which would otherwise form throughout the cloud.

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