By Aahil

Netflix has Announced the Opening of an In-house Video Gaming Studio

It started by sending DVDs, but then grew into a production as well as streaming powerful machine.

Netflix is creating its first video game production facility located in Helsinki, Finland, as it expands its reach into gaming on mobile devices, Netflix announced Monday.

This news comes after an extremely difficult period in the case of Netflix (NFLX) that reported that it dropped its subscribers for the first time in over 10 years.

The stock has experienced an increase of over 60% since 2022 amid a broad market slump.

Forte added that Netflix was particularly smart in "early realizing" the gaming industry was an issue for its viewers.

In light of how much time we are spending playing video games and streaming them.

The segment also provides Netflix another opportunity to make money from certain of its most popular series, like"Stranger Things. "Stranger Things" series.

Netflix Vice President for Game Studios Amir Rahimi said in a blog post this new studio for gaming will operate by the gaming company Zynga along with Electronic Arts veteran Marco Lastica.

The announcement on Monday increases the quantity of Netflix gaming studios to four.

Alongside The acquisition of Next Games, the company previously purchased Night School Studios and Boss Fight Entertainment.

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