By Aahil

One of the Best Marvel Games Of All Time


You can fulfill your fantasies about superheroes, old and modern, by playing these fantastic games. The majority of them are Spider-Man games.

Marvel Comics has been creating famous and iconic characters since when it began printing comics more than 80 years ago.

The arcade game included Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Vision as they fought against a variety of villains like The Mandarin, Juggernaut and Ultron and finally, The archfascist Red Skull.

A nice aspect was that it paid tribute to less well-known Marvel heroes, with appearances by characters such as Wonder Man and Namor.

Although this beat-em up arcade game by Sega has Spider-Man as its main character, it's more than an Spidey game for families as you'd expect.

X-Men Arcade The 1992 arcade game was a huge success and the upgraded version of Cabinet allows you to play at least six characters across two screens.

Perhaps the grimmest of Marvel's villains, the Punisher is known for its ability to take a brutal revenge on anyone it thinks worth its time.

This was also the case with Venom, Spider-Man villain Venom that, in essence, transformed into a more powerful model of Spidey.

In the midst of Capcom's supremacy in fighting games One of the most memorable fighting games of all time was the result of a merger of two franchises.

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