Only If You Kill At Least 96 People in GTA-V You Can Finish the Game

By Aahil


A YouTuber's three-year-long pacifist run confirmed there's no kill-free way to play.

Matthew Judge, or Twitch streamer and YouTube creator DarkViperAU, has been working on his "pacifist run" of GTA V for three years.

Under this liberal interpretation of pacifism, Judge carefully completed his nonviolent violent play as the most corrupt, foolishly bloody games.

Now any sarcastic GTA V player knows the truth: To make it to the end of the game, you'll have to kill at least 96 people.

That's still a lot of people. About the friends and families of 96 people who walk like they have a lobster attached to the seat of their pants.

Compared to a Reddit user's 2021 estimate that you have to kill "at least 726 people," 96 murders are sacred acts.

He was able to achieve the feat mainly by hoping that counting tank missiles as eco- would find the right home.

He himself hid to avoid taking those pills, crawled around to keep the wrong characters from growing, and painstakingly experimented.

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