PlayStation Can't Replace Call of Duty

By Aahil


PlayStation has been open about Microsoft's purchase from Call of Duty publisher Activision and the franchise may be extremely difficult to take over.

It's not difficult to see it's true that Call of Duty is a hugely popular Call of Duty franchise and is one of the most loved and prominent IPs in the gaming industry.

It has established itself as among the top popular first-person shooters throughout the course of almost 20 years, COD was a central element of the console online experience for a long time.

Call of Duty's long-running console presence came to an end recently due to Microsoft's high-profile acquisition from Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft has been explicit in recent efforts to expand its number of publishing and development studios it has.

The Xbox console being snubbed by various niche games in the past it's obvious that Microsoft uses its unmatched spending power to defend against the criticism.

It is said that PlayStation is the main rival of Xbox in the world of gaming and the two firms dominate the majority of the console gaming landscape.

With the initial Warzone 2020 reaching the 60 million mark only a couple of months after its release many were expecting Warzone 2's release date in November to generate as much excitement over it.

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