"Pokemon With Guns" game Palworld confirms Xbox game's release

By Aahil

 Palworld, the upcoming Pokemon version that is best described as "Pokemon with guns," will be coming to Xbox along with PC.

The announcement was made at this year's Tokyo Game Show event, Pokemon is a clone of Palworld will be being released for Xbox consoles and PC.

Palworld is a different take to the Pokemon formula that adds games that simulate open worlds as well as more adult-oriented content.

It has received a lot of attention since its announcement in the year before, but it was until recently that Palworld was not confirmed to be available on PC through Steam.

Alongside the most recent Pagalworld trailer, we have learned about the games being developed to be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and an Xbox One version expected to release in 2023 along with the PC launch.

For those who love PlayStation or Nintendo consoles, Palworld will not be released for these platforms.

The latest trailer for Palworld showcases the game's Pokemon counterparts, its companions, and how players interact with them.

Friends can serve as mounts for exploring the world of games They can also be used to fight.

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