Respawn Reveals a Significant Change to the Halloween Event for Apex Legends

By Aahil

This year's eerie Shadow Royal LTM isn't the only one; it has a twist and is set in a gloomy version of Olympus.

It's that time of year again: Fight or Fright, Apex Legends' fourth annual Halloween event, is taking place as the weather turns chilly and the leaves begin to fall.

Players will get the chance to play Shadow Royale LTM on a Halloween-themed version of a well-liked map during the event, which is essentially the same as it has always been.

The store will have spooky cosmetics, and the Revenant will be engaging in her customary spooky mischief.

In the past, Shadow Royale (and in Year 1, Shadowfall) bouts were fully held in the "Realm of Shadows," an alternate reality where Kings Canyon is devoid of the sun.

The Revenant, who is revered as a god, overthrows the Syndicate.

During these bouts, the legends themselves can be transformed into shadows, granting them superhuman power and speed.

It appears that players will be able to enjoy Gun Run on a Sunless version of Autumn Estates based on the names of some of the POIs.

In addition to the conventional Shadow Royale LTM, Leo will explore a version of Labs that is even more eerie than usual while playing the controls.

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