November 09, 2022

By Aahil

Smart ART What is the Reverse AI - Filter Trend on TikTok?

A TIKTOK trend that sees users posting shoddy pictures online has gone viral - but that's not all it seems.

The new trend is rapidly taking over video-sharing platforms and users are eager to join in. Here's what's included.

The new trend refers to the reversal of AI-generated art created by the AI ​​Art Filter on Dream by the WOMBO app.

It became popular in September 2022 when TikTok users posted about the use of filters on their lock screens.

TikTokers revealed that their peers would be annoyed that their lock screen was not their picture.

When in fact, it was a picture of him, but just cast through funky filters.

Users then began testing the waters by posting candid photos through the filters – knowing they could do so without getting caught or suspended.

After all, while it is sometimes possible to see what is depicted, most of the time all real detail has been erased from the photo.

In one example, a TikToker known as Cananovak posted an AI art filter nude in a video in early November 2022.

Which garnered nearly 4.1 million plays and 547,200 likes in four days, with users quipping that they can view the X-rated image through clever AI inspired art.

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