Someone has designed a Redstone Computer in Minecraft to play the game within Minecraft

By Aahil

The Chungus 2 is Chungus 2, a fully working PC integrated into Minecraft. So that you are able to use Minecraft as you play Minecraft.

Also called the Computational Huguous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit The machine is to me the least technical item I've ever written about.

We congratulate Project Lead Samyuri, and all the Team on their ability to elevate Minecraft Redstone Crafting to new levels.

The technology behind it is that someone has created a Minecraft like Minecraft in 2012 using Redstone.

Although this is quite amazing, it's only just a 2D rendition of the game. It is played in 3D.

The video was created over several months, with an enormous amount of planning and effort," the video says in a slick wall of text screen.

Certain viewers are used to video clips of basic farms as well as piston doors.

They might not be able to comprehend the enormity of the structure, but they can't be limited to being amazed in a spectacular manner.

It's really cool to watch all the parts working side-by-side in real-time, so we thought we'd share the specifications so that you can be able to see.

The CPU is running at 1Hz. The AMOGUS (Absurdly Massive Operator of Graphics) graphics processor has just 6KB of memory for graphics.

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