The 10 Most Powerful Elves In The Lord Of The Rings, Ranked

By Aahil

November 09, 2022


There's a reason why Figwit doesn't sound like an Elvish name. Figwit is actually "Frodo the Great Who is this?" is a fan-made abbreviation for


Haldir was tasked with guarding the borders of Lothlorien. While he does an admirable job of that.


To give him a more prominent role in the narrative, the writing team decides to have Frodo help him escape the Ringwraith.


Thranduil is the king of Mirkwood, he rides a majestic elk into battle, and his eyebrows are completely frosted.


Celebrimbor is not mentioned in the Lord of the Rings movies, but his handiwork is reflected in it.


Rider of the Prince Shield of Mirkwood, Legolas's talents are many. He can slide down the trunk of the olephant beautifully.


Celeborn was a skilled warrior, considered one of the wisest elves in Middle-earth, perhaps his greatest achievement being marrying Galadriel.


When The Fellowship of the Ring was released in theaters, many fans took to the forums and mourned the loss of elf Glorfindel.


There will be silence. Adding a non-canon character to The Hobbit upset a lot of Tolkien purists.


Gil-galad was the old or high king in Middle-earth, with many achievements to his name as one of the most powerful elves in Lord of the Rings.