The Extensive Patch Notes for No Man's Sky's Major 4.0 Release are now Available.

By Aahil


The significant new 4.0 update for No Man's Sky, which is now officially known as Waypoint, is now available to play.

But at that point, the creator of this most recent update, Hello Games, broke with convention by announcing some of its additions in advance.

The studio has since released some fairly long patch notes that go into considerably more depth about its contents.

Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, previously revealed to Eurogamer that Waypoint would include a new Switch port for No Man's Sky.

It's more about significant increases in quality of life than it is about significant new additions.

However, the most recent patch notes for No Man's Sky further minimize those important new features.

For instance, Inventory has now closed the largely unnecessary general storage tab.

has retained stock that is specifically intended for equipment updates and cargo.

Both have been considerably enhanced and now feature incredibly helpful filters that make it easier to find things.

It is important to note that the inventory can only accommodate a certain amount of the same sort of technological improvements.

However, more advanced technology can now be transferred in packages for use in your other ships, weaponry, etc.

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