This Tesla Model Has a Bamboo Interior that You Simply Can’t Afford.


By Aahil

Now you can also buy vegetarian interiors for your Tesla but they are a bit expensive.

The Tesla Model 2 features Banbu vegan leather interior debuted by innovation company von Holzhausen, a material made from recycled bamboo.

It carries a price tag of up to 29995. Von Holzhausen partnered with Unplugged Performance to create this one of a kind Tesla model. Upholders interior in bamboo leather

It is completely animal free, claims to be biodegradable, water resistant, non-toxic, scratch resistant, and lightweight. It also boasts of a low carbon footprint.

The unique Tesla has been removed to continue his support of the automotive industry, with proceeds going to the museum.

One of the most renewable raw materials on Earth is bamboo, which is used to make bamboo leather.

It is one-third the weight of cow leather and has 33 percent less carbon footprint than the average animal leather product.

The Banbu interior retails for 30K and can be commissioned on all new Tesla cars as well as retrofitted to existing cars.

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