Top 10 MCU Couples, From the Least to the Most Badass


By Aahil

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of endearing love stories to share. These are the couples who created them due to the lasting impressions they left.

This badass pairing is one of the MCU's more relatable couples. He has a fine balance between his family life and the world of superheroes.

Clint and Laura Barton

This is a couple that is as badass as they are cute. Here was the realistic development of a high school relationship.

Peter Parker & Michelle Jones

The pair struggle to cope with their past traumas. At the same time, they can assure each other that there is more to them than their inner demons.

Bruce Banner & Natasha Romanoff

A badass romance with never enough time. Although they were mostly apart, they never stopped carrying a torch for each other.

Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter

This badass duo is a great power couple. They prioritize duty over romance and have conflicting views on how to best serve their country.

T'Challa & Nakia

Pepper and Tony are the first couple of the MCU and they have rightfully earned that title.

Tony Stark & ​​Pepper Potts

They meet after the death of Layla's father and are reunited when an oblivious Steven confronts her and Marc's bodies.

Marc Spector/Steven Grant & Layla El-Faouly

This couple is as funny as they are badass. As a crime-fighting duo, they're mostly in sync. They promote each other when needed.

Scott Lang & Hope van Dyne

This badass couple is a perfect example of "opposites attract" in how they balance each other out. Gamora helps Peter shape up in critical situations.

Peter Quill & Gamora

Although an unconventional pairing, this badass duo has a real connection. They help each other to bring out their human sides.

Wanda Maximoff & Vision

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