Top 10 Most Popular ENFP Anime Characters

By Aahil

This is a surprising entry on this list. She is the daughter of Kado of the Four Emperors.


(One Piece)

He is one of the side characters in the anime who was part of that village.


(Dr. Stone)

Tamaki Kotatsu is one of the most influential women in her show as well.

Tamaki Kotatsu

(Fire Force)

Her hairstyle is her biggest specialty. And a mix of brown and yellow works very well.

Hiiragi Kashima


This girl is an animal. And considering the show he belongs to, it makes a lot of sense.

Anzu Yamasaki


This character isn't exactly the first that will come to your mind when I say anime characters.


(Onegai My Melody)

We have Mizuki. She is one of the supporting characters in the series which we know as Kamisama.


(Kamisama Kiss)

He belongs to an amazing anime that everyone should watch all the time.


(Cowboy Bebop)

She is one of the supporting characters in the show, which gets a lot of screen time.


(Dr. Stone)

This character is impressive enough to survive in a realm like Fearless.



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