Top 10 Most Popular White Hair Anime Characters

By Aahil

In the anime realm, it is quite difficult to face a certain character who is both an antagonist and a hero.

Accelerator from

(A Certain Magical Index)

Without Norman, it was nearly impossible for the children of the Grace Field house to get out of Isabella's claws.

Norman from

(The Promised Neverland)

We are talking about anime characters with white hair, so it is necessary to include Lich.

Licht from

(Black Clover)

This handsome white haired anime boy from Jujutsu Tech is a descendant of the Inumaki clan and its cursed speech.

Inumaki Toge from

(Jujutsu Kaisen)

Aru Akise is one of the main characters of the series. He is just 14 years old, but a very ambitious person.

Aru Akise from

(Future Diary)

Shogo Makishima serves as the main antagonist of Psycho-Pass and he stands up to his role faithfully.

Shogo Makishima from


Yamato is very new to the anime community but has become very popular in no time.

Yamato from

One Piece

In addition to his hot temper, Tobirama is credited with co-founding the first shinobi village, Konoha.

Tobirama Senju from


It seems that half of the white-haired characters in the anime are meant to be villains and Garou joins that list.

Garou from

One Punch Man

Even though Silver Rayleigh's white hair is due to her aging, she is truly a calm and beautiful person.

Silvers Rayleigh from

One Piece

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