Top First-Person Shooter Games of 2022


By Aahil

Get to the grind with these competitive shooters - all the titles that made our list of the best competitive FPS games in 2022.

There's nothing better than a proper competitive first-person shooter. These games, whether they are new or old, set fire to the stomachs of most players.

It is this spirit that has led players from all over the world to return to competitive shooters from time to time.

Squad- (Release: 2020, Dev: Offworld Industries), Squad, which builds on Project Reality's beginnings with Battlefield-like rules overlaid over a challenging logistical metagame .

Valorant- (Release: 2020, Dev: Riot Games), With flamboyant hero abilities drawn from Riot's MOBA heritage, Valorant amplifies the fire of corner-clearing strategies.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive- (Release: 2012, Dev: Valve), a legendary first-person shooter that has endured for almost ten years despite constant updates to shaders, animations, and player models.

Overwatch 2- (Release: 2022, Dev: Blizzard), The new 5v5 format and significant hero reworks have changed the nature of fighting, although it arguably doesn't deserve the "2" attached to it.

Rainbow Six Siege- (Release: 2015, Dev: Ubisoft Montreal), A fitting sequel to Counter-Strike that emphasizes patience, rather than milliseconds and motor abilities, destroying anything in your path.

Hunt: Showdown- (Release: 2019, Dev: Crytek), The PvPvE eschews battle royale elements in favor of a setting where hunters compete against zombies, aquatic tent creatures, and other players.

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