By Aahil

UK man struck by lightning while playing a video game in his home

A British man has only a small cut on his hand after the lightning struck him during the video game inside his home.

The story follows a fortunate man who escaped an electrical strike. Following the incident, just one scar was left on the left hand area that belonged to the British man.

It was a surprise that the man had been playing video games in the living room of his home when lightning struck him according to a report from The Oxford Mail.

Aidan Rowan was playing on his PlayStation on September 5th, when he heard an abrupt crack and felt a huge feeling in his body around 10:30 p.m. According to the outlet, he felt a massive sensation. said.

The man, 33, residing in Abingdon, England, was transported into John Radcliffe Hospital, where personnel said it appeared like he was injured by lightning.

Mr. Rowan could go to his home, armed with a few medicines, after being under surveillance for over eight hours.

"I was playing a game on the couch where you play as a stray cat and it was thundering outside," he said to The Oxford Mail.

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