Web3 Gaming is not yet Widely Used, According to a Survey.

By Aahil


6,921 people from five different countries participated in a poll by Coda Labs to find out what they thought about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web3 games.

A recent survey conducted by blockchain entertainment company Coda Labs reveals that Web3 gaming is not attracting as much attention as it should.

Web3 games aren't very appealing to traditional gamers, and they haven't really warmed up to cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) either.

The survey found that gamers cited practical limitations as the primary deterrent to playing Web3 games.

Gamers frequently lacked technical knowledge, and there were few blockchain wallets available.

Only 12% of non-crypto players have tried Web3 games, and only 15% of them have expressed interest in doing so in the future, according to the survey.

The study identified play-to-earn (P2E) as the phrase most commonly associated with web 3-games and listed cryptocurrency profits as the most valued perk of doing so.

According to survey results, players of Web3 games had favorable opinions of them.

He received a score of 7.1 from traditional gamers and an 8.3 from crypto enthusiasts.

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