What is the outcome? What happens if a Rockstar hacker leaked GTA6 source code?

By Aahil


Through the publication of server-side code, hackers who hack into the Rockstar system can allow one of the most played games to cheat.

What will a major attack this week affect Rockstar Games' business Rockstar Games? The system of the game publisher was breached just a few days ago in what many consider to be the largest hack in recent times.

Rockstar is well-known for its famous franchises like Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto The company stated that they were "extremely disappointed" that the "illegal" hacking episode had taken place.

The hacker who claims to be the culprit behind the most recent and extremely Uber hack, released video of development footage of the upcoming GTA6.

So far, Rockstar hasn't said much about the implications of the cyberattack assumption.

In its initial statement the company generally denied any issues in the long term because of the intrusion "We do not expect any disruption to our live game services nor any impact on the development of our ongoing projects." Long-term effects.

Gizmodo has reached out to the game's publisher for more details and will update our story should they reply.

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