By Aahil

Windows 11 22H2 causing gaming problems for some NVIDIA gamers


The Windows 11 22H2 feature update that was released earlier this week reported to be causing issues with gaming performance on computers with NVIDIA GPUs.

There are some users who experience slowdowns or significant lag in games because of what appears like a drastic decrease in the CPU's usage following installation of Windows 11 2022 update. Windows 11 2022 update.

NVIDIA is looking into the issue and rolling back the update in order to fix the issue that isn't the cause of the issue.

It's not surprising that after rolling back the update problems with gaming performance would go away as per accounts from affected users.

They all worked flawlessly yesterday. We have rolled out the update and now the games are running perfectly with 50-60 percent CPU."

While Microsoft has yet to step into the fray and look into these reports from users, NVIDIA software QA Manuel Guzman said that the company is aware of the issue.

Then it is urging the affected Reddit users to provide further feedback.

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