By Aahil

Xbox Game Pass adds 3 new Day One games today

Xbox Game Pass today adds three brand new Day One titles to PC cloud, consoles and PCs, including an indie highly anticipated game.

Xbox Game Pass recently announced eight new games to be included in the subscription service and three of them will be available today, Sept. 22.

For many, Xbox Game Pass is the present that keeps gifting, and it's the same for the three games listed below. They're titles that can be played every day.

The Day One titles are likely Xbox Game Pass's "strongest feature'. It allows users to test out games that they wouldn't otherwise have at the time and day of release.

One of the new additions today was long-awaited, but it's logical that the two other radars could have been on other radars.

A lot of fans are thrilled and are eager to see Slime Rancher 2 launch on Xbox Game Pass, entering the game today via Early Access/Game Preview as well as the addition of a host of brand features that are brand new to Slime as well as other new features.

It is important to note that due to this, the game isn't equipped with options like achievements, and the game will be constantly extended over the coming 18 months. But games such as Grounded demonstrate that there is potential for early access games available on the service.

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