Your Steam Deck's MicroSD Download Rates are Too Slow

By Aahil

For some deck owners, the default microSD formatting of Steam decks can cause slow molasses game download speeds.

Update October 24th, 7:10PM ET: Valve does not recommend following these steps to improve microSD download speeds.

While performing a trim operation "the team has found that there are a large number of cards on the market that can be rendered non-functional.

Valve is working with vendors on a fix. But at the moment, you probably shouldn't be following these steps.

If you get a Steam deck, slide in a microSD card, format it, and start installing a game, you might see something.

If your model meets that recommendation but you are still facing slow download speed.

So here is a smart and well documented solution to this problem that worked for me. It can be found within the Steam forums.

Thanks to a user who goes by RoyalMetalKnights. There are several steps involved, but it doesn't take particularly long to do.

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